How Does Multigreen Work?

Multigreen, a New Generation leaf fertilizer, contains natural calcium carbonate, silicon and some trace elements along with a small amount of magnesium, iron, and zinc. The particles of Multigreen consisting of micro particles can be easily absorbed by plants. When applied onto the leaf; it passes through the leaf cell (stomata) and creates activation within the cell due to to its micron-sized structure,. Ions in the plant fluid and ions in the Multigreen content interact and activate each other and this activation is carried to many parts of the plant.

CaCO3 → CaO+CO2

Effect of Calcium (Ca):

Multigreen with a high content of CaO (about 40%) carries calcium, which is very important for the Plant Cell Wall and increases the vegetative power of the plant, directly into the cell thanks to its very small structure. Thus, calcium, which is a heavy element and needs other carrier elements in the soil, provides power and nutrients to the plant directly. The most important contribution of calcium is that it accelerates the healing of plants as well as strengthening of fruits and vegetables against external factors. Increasing amount of chloroplast and polyphenol by Multigreen makes the plant resistant and increases its quality. The protective surfaces of plants grow and strengthen further. Larger and darker green leaves occur.

Effect of CO2

The two most important factors required for photosynthesis are light and carbon dioxide. Multigreen leaves a light color mark on the leaves of plants. Thanks to this trace, both the leaf surface and the fruit are protected and the plant is provided with optimum sunlight. More effective use of sunlight increases the speed of photosynthesis efficiency. Dissolution of CaCO3 strengthens activation in the carbon chain.

Effect of SiO : 

When multigreen is applied, silicon in its content clings to the surfaces of the plants and benefits the development and protection of the cell wall. Silicon is one of the most important mineral nutrients for growth in plants. It strengthens the defense mechanism of plants against internal and external stresses. The fact that silicon covers the leaves and fruits makes it difficult for insects to suck plant sap from leaf and fruit surface and makes the plant more protected against insects. It also helps the plant be more resistant to water loss stress by reducing evapotranspiration. Important Note: Only the amount of CaO is specified on the product label of "Multigreen-Turkey". You can review the detailed product analysis report in the "Documents" section.